Our Company

Focused on Details, Accuracy, and Reliability

When did it all start ?

Pathways began in 2006 when we were still a metering service company focusing on meter repair and installation. During this time we realized that 90% of client issues revolved around the lack of data integrity and non-biased data reporting. From there, submetering data acquisition and reporting was born.

What do we do?

Our service primarily consists of data integration to an IP accessible format and system performance monitoring. We also provide continued support to office and field personnel and as turn-over occurs, we are there to minimize the effects of continuity of service to your clients. We bring integrity and reliability to the billing industry and provide an ease of use to the myriad of metering systems available on the market today.

Where are we going?

We are committed to the continual upgrading of software and data base systems to bring you the fastest and easiest access to the data possible. We will continue to grow, change and improve but at our core, we will continue to focus on the integrity and reliability of the data in an easy usable format for all to see and use as needed.