A Complete Meter Data Management Solution

Providing credibility and accuracy to your meter data

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Cost Efficiency

There are countless billing companies, utilities and private owners across the US and around the world. The need for each of those companies to set up internal data acquisition services to read their metering systems is a huge cost of equipment and resources. The efficiency of one data collection center with the most up to date software and hardware resources cannot be matched on a per point cost. Our computers never sit idle. They work 24 hours per day, collecting, aggregating and presenting data reads to your website and billing software.


We provide that extra measure of reliability that gives your clients that feeling of confidence in you as a billing company. We have years of experience in utility data collection that enable you to focus on your core business.

IT Resource Savings

We free up IT resources for you and reduce your IT costs. Data collection is a significant drain on IT resources to all companies utilizing data from multiple metering systems. The cost to maintain servers, build ETLs and various scripts to acquire, extract and merge data is a daunting and costly task.

IT Resources
Latest Technology

Latest Technology

Our mission is to provide the most efficient data transport systems possible and make it accessible from anywhere in the world. With the latest software technology available on the market today, we have achieved that goal.

Independent sub metering reading services provide credibility and accuracy to your meter reading data. Our whole focus is to provide the most accurate, timely and reliable data possible from multiple AMR/AMI metering systems.

Let us show you how we make retrieving your AMR/AMI data easy and painless.

Data Feed

We will work with your software billing provider or IT department to establish a data feed directly to your billing software so readings and analytics are updated daily.

No more manual loading of reads information

Data Feed

Technician support is provided free of charge to clients.

We work directly with your technicians to trouble shoot repairs and assist in the deployment of AMR/AMI systems at no extra cost.